From a young age, we are all taught various lessons about other worlds, cultures and religions through a plethora of sources: school, family, history and the media (social or otherwise). We're constantly conditioned to think that these far away places are filled with people who are vastly different from us; living their daily lives in a way which we may never be able to fathom. 

In 2016, we set out to experience these unique styles of living for ourselves. We sold everything we owned, packed two backpacks and left America to design the life we wanted based on the people and experiences we would soon encounter. 

By doing so, we have had the pleasure to see and realize just how small and connected the world actually is. Globally, we all live life in a similar way: having the same daily cares and concerns, wishes and dreams. The tangible factor that sets us apart are the rich bursts of colors, breathtaking scenery and mouth-watering flavors of cuisine. 

As we navigate through our journey, we are excited to share it with you! Some journeys may have been small, while others have grandiosely influenced the direction of our lives, to which we are grateful for every day. 

We hope that these anecdotes will inspire you to find a way to see the world through your own eyes and to be able to connect to it, and with those you meet on your own journeys, in a positive and exciting way.  

Happy living and safe travels! 




An adventurous spirit who loves writing, photography, dancing Ori Tahiti and practicing yoga. In her spare time, she also enjoys dabbling in web design and practicing Polish with her dog Płotka. 

Being brought up with one foot in Poland and the other, in America, Damian has had a taste for different cultures and lifestyles from the beginning. He enjoys riding motorcycles, reading a good book in a hammock and playing video games in transit.

New to the Venturesome Walczak team, Płotka has gone on a few local adventures around Poland with Katie and Damian. He tolerates train rides but loves nothing more than fetching his ball in the garden.